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Computer Servicing Essentials (Level 5) | Short Course

Computer Servicing



This short course will provide an experienced PC support professional with the knowledge to qualify as an A+ Service Technician. It also serves as an introduction to PC hardware and support skills for those considering Microsoft’s MCP, MCSA and MCSE certifications.

This course is only available to New Zealand citizens or Permanent Residents.


  • Gain the knowledge and skills to install a Windows operating system and configure the operating environment.
  • Gain a sound understanding of the main features of Linux from a user’s perspective so you can apply the basic concepts to any UNIX system that they encounter in the business world.
  • Gain the competencies of an entry-level IT professional and prepare for success in the latest CompTIA A+ external examinations


    PC Essentials
  • Installing Windows 7
  • A detailed look at Windows 7
  • Setting up and using Windows 7
  • Managing partitions and volumes
  • Windows 7 security
  • PCS project
  • Introduction to Linux & the Gnome Desktop Environment
  • File systems & directories
  • Editors under Linux
  • Shells, command files and processes
  • LibreOffice
  • A+
  • Understanding Motherboard, BIOS, RAM and CPUs
  • Comparing Storage Devices
  • Exploring Peripherals and Expansion Cards
  • Exploring Video and Display Devices
  • Exploring Printers and Working with Laptops
  • Introducing Networking Components
  • Understanding Protocols and Comparing IPv4 and IPv6
  • Network Security Devices
  • Exploring Wireless Networking
  • Understanding Mobile Devices
  • Installing, Configuring and Updating Windows Operating Systems
  • Using the Command Prompt
  • Understanding Disks and File Systems
  • Troubleshooting Windows Operating Systems and Windows-based networks
  • Understanding IT Security including recognising malware and other threats
  • Setup and use client-side virtualization

Learning outcomes

    PC Essentials
  • Install and configure an operating system
  • Manage hard disks
  • Compare and contrast between the various Windows 7 Editions and configure Windows 7 features
  • Configure a variety of Linux features using the GNOME interface, including using the vi editor and LibreOffice to create text files
  • Manage files and directories using a GUI and command line environment including changing permissions and ownership of files, archiving and compressing files and directories and starting and stopping processes
  • Create and use shell variables and direct program input and output
  • A+
  • Install and configure and evaluate between PC hardware and system components
  • Install and configure networking cables, connectors, protocols, devices, and connections and configure networking
  • Install and configure laptops and printers and mobile devices
  • Use computer safety procedures, and explain environmental issues and demonstrate customer service, communication, and professionalism.
  • Install and configure Windows using appropriate Windows operating system tools, features, and utilities
  • Implement client-side virtualization
  • Compare, contrast and implement physical and operating system security threats and prevention methods
  • Troubleshoot hardware, system components, peripherals, networking, operating systems, security, laptops, and printers.
  • Implement appropriate operational procedures and explain trouble shooting theory


On-campus, face-to-face learning and assessment: Up to 250 hours.
Home study: Up to 125 hours.
  • Part-time study: up to 31 weeks
    Based on 8 hours per week on campus + 4 hours/week home study
  • Full-time study: up to 10 weeks
    Based on 25 hours per week on campus + 12.5 hours/week home study

2018 start dates

  • Weekly
  • Fees

    • $2,936 
      Fees are inclusive of GST and include all institute based learning guides, texts and access to resources. Fees include external A+ examination fees.

What do I need to start?

  • An understanding of Windows 7 configuration, and command line instructions.
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You can study at one of our three training centres: Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.

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